Holly at Home About Me – Learn About Me

Holly at Home – About Me

What is Holly at Home?

Holly at Home is a new cooking, hobby and lifestyle channel on YouTube. Our free channel and website features interesting, informative and entertaining videos and blog articles that will help spark your creativity in the home. You’ll see cooking and baking ideas along with their respective recipes shown in a family-friendly, easy-to-follow format. You will also see her unique and creative crafting ideas. Now’s the time to get¬†excited about making delicious recipes and cool craft ideas with Holly at Home!

The Story of Holly at Home

Holly was raised in a home with a stay-at-home Mom. She found the lifestyle of being a stay-at-home Mom and Housewife was very important to her.  This lifestyle offers stability and closeness for her kids and she believes that this forms strong bonds to help your kids succeed. She has been a stay-at-home mom and housewife for over 7 years. The benefit to being a housewife is that she gets to take the time to enjoy cooking, baking and crafting. These hobbies are a form of therapy from the stresses of daily life. She enjoys providing her family with healthy meals and treats. Her home has many unique and creative craft ideas year-round. Want to know more about me? Click here!

Meet the Holly at Home Team


holly at home

Holly is the star and the driving force behind Holly at Home. She will be there to help inspire you to bring out the creativity that is waiting to be released. Her warm personality and ability to explain things in a clear and concise manner will make it easier for you to have fun with your home projects.

Most of her time is spent with her two children. When she’s not running them back and forth between school, activities and sports. She is helping them with homework and to learn some of the fun aspects of homemaking. She also enjoys playing with her two little dogs and tending to her small flock of chickens!



Kaylee is Holly’s Daughter and you’ll see her bright and smiling face in a supporting role from time to time. She enjoys helping her Mom with the day-to-day housework. But she especially enjoys helping her Mom cook and bake yummy meals and treats for the family. She also enjoys small craft projects with Mom as well!

One of the many things that contributes to make Kaylee’s personality so darn cute and lovable is that she has special needs. She has had a rough go of it medically speaking from when she was a small baby. But she has broken through the glass ceiling and accomplished many things as a young lady. Recently she was named the 2017 Idaho Miss Amazing Preteen Queen!


Leland at Home TVLeland is Holly’s Son and you’ll see his handsome face in a supporting role as well. His time at home is spent assisting and supporting his sister and helping out his Mom with daily chores. He likes to be a part of the action at home, whether it be making meals or helping Mom with crafting. And, he absolutely loves baking any and all desserts.

Leland is our sports kid. He’s tried many different sports whether it be wrestling, baseball, football and even jiu-jitsu. He likes being challenged by the different physical and mental aspects of these games. Leland works hard in school and at home and has a great personality.


The guy in the background. Holly and Spencer have been married for over 14 years. You probably won’t see him in any of the videos, but you may catch him in a social media post here or there. He spends most his time at work as a truck driver. And when he’s not at work he’s either working on the various aspects of Holly at Home (website, videos, etc…).

Next Steps…

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