Giving Thanks – What Are You Thankful For?

Giving Thanks – Tis the Season

giving thanksIt’s that time of year again. There are leaves on the ground, the weather is turning cooler and families are planning their big Thanksgiving dinner. Time for us to reflect on the year that is almost through, and remember those things we are truly THANKFUL for. We all know that we should be giving thanks year round, but this is the season that brings us together.

Why Do We Wait Till November for Giving Thanks

It seems like once November rolls around, you hear a lot of people talking or discussing the things they are thankful for. I believe a lot of  this has to do with the Thanksgiving season, and even the upcoming Christmas season. However, I’ve always wondered why it is that we wait until the year is almost over to really think about the things we have to be thankful for. Can we not have the same gratitude and heartfelt thankfulness through the year? Does it mean more when it’s done around a holiday?

Being Thankful For The Big & Small Things

There are many times in my life that I have thought to myself, wow, I am really thankful for……my husbands job, for example. And guess what, it wasn’t November or Thanksgiving when I had these thoughts. I honestly, think that often times the smaller things we have to be thankful for get over looked. It’s easy to do. I know I’ve done it and probably will continue to do it. Not on purpose of course. I’m talking about a beautiful day, a letter from a friend, or a simple smile from a stranger. These are all small things in our lives that we can be giving thanks daily.

Of course, there will be certain moments or experiences in our lives that will automatically, cause us to think or express how thankful we are. The birth of a healthy baby, getting that long awaited promotion at work, or making it out of a car accident untouched. I call these stand out moments, because to me they stand out as things anyone would be thankful for. But there also might be smaller moments that one might be just as thankful. Say your son has a really hard time at math, and has been studying extra hard for his test. When his score comes back with a big A+, that is definitely a moment for giving thanks. His hard work paid off and hopefully taught him not to give up. This in comparison to the birth of a child is much smaller, but still warranted the feeling of being thankful.

giving thanks tooSaying Thank You

Have you ever done something for someone and in return were told thank you? Most likely, all of can answer yes to this question. If not, someone needs to learn their manners. Saying thank you can go along way. It is a simple way to tell someone that you are thankful, and appreciate them or something they said or did for you. I can almost guarantee when you say a simple thank you, you will be smiling afterwards. It feels good to be nice and let people know you care and notice the small stuff.

Concluding Thoughts

I would like to challenge everyone, myself included. To show or talk about the things that we are thankful for throughout the year. Not just during the month of November or at Thanksgiving dinner. Giving thanks should be a year-round commitment and something simple that could reunite us all in these troubling times.


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