Kitchen and Bathroom Hacks – Save Time, Save Money

Kitchen and Bathroom Hacks – My Favourite’s

What is a “hack” for the home? It’s something that will save you time, money or give you a shortcut. These kitchen and bathroom hacks will make your life easier and give you more time for other things. And I am all for trying new “hacks” around the house. Especially if they save me time and better yet save me money. Without further ado, here is a list of some of my favorite kitchen and bathroom hacks that I use.

kitchen and bathroom hacksKitchen Hacks

Refrigerator Spill Hack

Let’s start in the kitchen. Have you ever had a drink or a leftover dish spill in your refrigerator? Only to find it the next day all dried and gross? Then you find yourself scrubbing all your shelves to get them clean. I’ve been there and learned my lesson the hard way. Now I buy an extra box of Glad Press-n-Seal when I go to the store. I start with an empty fridge. I make sure all my shelves are clean and dry. Next, I line my shelves with the Press-n-Seal. So now if something gets spilled I can easily remove the sheet of press-n-seal and put down a new one. Easy Peasy!

Under the Sink Hack

Need more space under your kitchen sink for cleaning supplies? Buy a cheap tension rod and hang your spray bottles from that to clear up space on the bottom. I also put plastic containers underneath my sink and place cleaning supplies in those according to what the product is used for. That way if I need to go clean something in another room I can take the container with me and not have to try and hold 3 different cleaners all at once.

Cooking Hack

This particular kitchen hack is one that has saved me money. I’ve found myself making a recipe and only using a small ¬†amount of say chicken broth or tomato sauce. And the rest usually goes to waste. While searching on pinterest I saw the ice cube tray hack. So I ran to the dollar store and picked up some ice cube trays. Now if I have left over sauces or juices, I put them in the trays. This has made it very easy for me to grab a few here and there for my recipes. No more wasting!

Egg Testing Hack

Have you ever wondered if those dozen eggs sitting in your fridge have gone bad? I have a simple way to check and see. Fill a bowl full of cold water and place the eggs in the water. If the eggs sink to the bottom and lay on their sides, they are very fresh. They are still edible if they sink and sit on an end. Unfortanely, if those eggs float, toss them out. You don’t want to be eating them.

Oven Cleaning Hack

Rarely, do I ever use the bottom rack in my oven. But I sure hate it when I cook something and it spills over or I cook a pizza directly on the rack and cheese falls off and burns on the bottom of my stove. I finally got smart with this one and line the bottom oven rack with aluminum foil. The bottom of my oven stays clean and I can easily toss out the foil and put a new piece down when necessary.

Bathroom Hacks

bathroom hacksNatural Drain Cleaning Hack

If I have a choice between using harsh cleaning products around my house or natural solutions. Natural please! When the tub drain isn’t draining like it should, I’m not reaching for the nasty drain unclogging stuff. I get my box of baking soda and my gallon of vinegar. Dump some baking soda down the drain and then pour some vinegar and let it work it’s magic. After it’s had a few minutes to clean, let hot water run through the drain for a few more minutes.

Shower Head Cleaning Hack

Along the lines of cleaning the tub drian, I hate it when I’m trying to shower and the shower head holes are spraying every which way. Not fun. But easy to fix. Pour some vinegar in a baggy and place over the shower head. Tie something around the bag to hold in place. Depending on how back the build up is, you will want to let it soak for awhile. I will usually do this while the kids are at school and let it soak all day. The longer the better. After awhile you will be able to see the build up start flaking off into the bag. Once you are done letting it soak run hot water through. No more getting sprayed in the eye while trying to wash your hair!

Foggy Bathroom Mirror Hack

Foggy mirrors? Let the kids get in on this one, they will love it. Spray the mirror with foam shaving cream and smear it all over the mirror. Wipe it off and the next time you shower, the mirror won’t fog up!

Shower Storage Hack

This next hack I got out of a Better Homes and Garden magazine. If you need more storage in your tub shower or are sick of all your shampoo bottles sitting on the edge of your tub. Try this. Buy a MESH, shoe organizer and put your bottles, razor, shaving cream in the pockets. You need to make sure that it is mesh so the water can drain. When needed toss it in the washing machine on delicate for a good cleaning.

Bathroom Organization Hack

Cluttered drawers got you ready to pull your hair out? Grab a couple of plastic silverware organizers from the dollar store and put in your drawers. Now you have a place for your toothbrushes, toothpaste, nail clippers, combs and hair brushes, etc. And everything stays in its place. If you have enough drawers, you can give each child their own drawer. No more excused for not being able to find the toothpaste or nail clippers.

Concluding Thoughts

Having a clean and organized house is something that is important to me. But I don’t enjoy spending all my time getting it there. So when I find kitchen and bathroom hacks that can simplify that process, I am all game! Some of these you may already be doing or maybe you’ll try them for the first time. Either way I hope you have found some new kitchen and bathroom hacks that will work for you.

“Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” Phyillis Diller

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