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Me Time – Make Time for Yourself so you don’t go Crazy!

Being a Stay At Home Mom doesn’t mean that I have hours upon hours of ME TIME! Actually, it is quite the opposite. My family comes first, always.

me time for momMy Routine Starts With My Family Always

Sunday night rolls around and my first thought is, where did the weekend go? And what does the following week look like for my family? I plan out the week as far as any doctor visits or appointments we need to be to. Because I know the second my alarm sounds at 6:30 am on Monday morning it’s go time! My first priority is getting my kids ready and off to school. Possibly getting my husband off to work as well, or greeting him as he gets home. His schedule varies each day. This is something that has taken some getting used to.

My To Do List

Next, I focus on getting my list of things I need to accomplish done. Whether it be cleaning the house, grocery shopping, or spending the day out running errands.  I’ve never been able to really sit and “relax” knowing I have things that need to be done. Maybe I’m a little OCD? This drives my husband crazy. Especially when he wants to watch another episode of the show we are currently binge watching on Netflix. 🙂  It is important to me to have a clean house and have the laundry ready to go for the next day before I relax.

Me Time – Learning to Make It

There are plenty of things that I enjoying doing for some me time. They just don’t always fit into my schedule with everything else I’ve got going on. Don’t get me wrong I am trying to make more me time. I’ve always been one to put others before myself. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it takes some sacrifice on my part. And what I mean by that is, I have to be okay with not doing that extra load of laundry or getting the bathtub scrubbed. It is something that can come with time.

Things I Enjoy

Before having kids I used to read a lot. I have always loved to read since I was a kid. Unfortunately, the number of books I’ve been able to read since then as gone down quite bit. Not for lack of trying. I’ll find myself a really good book and start reading it. I may get a couple chapters in and then it sits on my night stand for months on end. By the time I’ve made time to read it, I have to start all over again, since I can’t remember what I read.  HAHA. First World Mom problems I know.

me time decoratingPhotography is a hobby I definitely wish I had more me time for. I could take pictures of my kids all day. But I really love to take pictures of nature and abstract objects. Black and white photography is one of my favorites.

At any given time you will be able to look around my house and find a craft that I made myself. Whether it’s for the holidays or a regular piece for my house. In fact, sitting on my front porch is a large welcome sign I made a couple years ago. Crafting is also another favorite hobby of mine.

Someday my theme song might be “Sexy and I know It,” by LMFAO. No, not really! But there is a line in that song that says “I workout!” Man, this topic has been a struggle for me. I will go months with working out almost every single day. I feel awesome, I’m noticing changes in my body. And then sometimes it’s like I got ran over by the potato truck (Idaho joke there.) Exercise is something I do enjoy, I just need to be more diligent about doing it on a regular basis.

Does Hiding Count

Although my kids are older (13 & 11) I still find myself “hiding” in the bathroom from time to time for a few minutes of me time. It really isn’t hiding because they know I’m in there. And I thought when my kids got older I could shower and use the bathroom in peace. HAHA, NOPE! It never fails, two minutes into what is supposed to be a relaxing shower, I hear knocking on the bathroom door? “Mom, hello? Can you hear me? The dog wants to come in? You want me to let him in?” Maybe if I don’t answer they will go away? Not likely. Really? Come on kids, just give me 5 minutes.

Concluding Thoughts

It may not always be easy to make me time, but it’s something I am going to try harder at doing. For the sake of my family’s well being and for my own sanity. I’m challenging myself to set some time aside every day to do something I enjoy. Time to forget about the laundry and dishes that need to be done.

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