Mom Blogs – My Plunge into the World of Blogging

Mom Blogs – Hello and Welcome to My Mom Life

mom blogsHello and welcome to my first post as a blogger! With all the mom blogs out there, I’m thrilled that you chose to take a look at my blog! I look forward to engaging with you here and on all of my social media accounts! (which you can find over there on the sidebar) Even though I have worked outside the home in the past and sometimes take part-time work. I still try to spend the majority of my time at home with my family. Obviously, most of you stay at home moms know that it’s almost impossible to be a sahm most of the time. We do tend to spend a lot of our time shuttling kids back and forth as a mom taxi! But hey, that’s motherhood right!


My Focus and Goals

My first dive into the world of mom blogs will be short. But, in my focus and goal is to provide you and your family with wholesome entertainment and also good  parenting information at the same time. This leads me to my YouTube Channel. My kids spend their fair share of time watching videos on YouTube just like your kids do. And there are some great family-friendly shows out there. So with their encouragement I started my Holly at Home TV YouTube Channel. We thought about many different things, we could try to make silly videos or dog videos. But in the end we decided that we wanted to just be us! And around my house we work as a team in our home to have fun doing activities such as cleaning, cooking, baking and crafting projects. So we will be recording our experiences in making different recipes and doing many different things. And then putting them on YouTube to inspire others to come together as a family and create happiness in their home.

Self Sufficiency Challenge

One of the “hot topics” out there right now is self sufficiency. Many of the ideas that I will try to share with you will be completely from scratch and homemade. As a society, I’m guilty of this too, we are losing the art of creating things from scratch. People are canning a lot less and we are losing some of the old ways of doing things. That’s because it is so easy to go to the store and buy the prepackaged food with all the preservatives. I’m guilty of this too. But there is “new-ish” trend in homesteading and folks understanding that the old way that Grandma used to do things takes a little more time, but it is better for you in the long run. So let’s go get some of those old fashioned staples for the pantry and make some yummy food recipes together.

Concluding Thoughts

I just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog! With this being my first attempt at becoming a mom blogger and YouTuber. I hope we can look back at my attempt to climb the ranks of the mom blogs together and see how much this blog and community has grown.  So again, thank you for being here. If you’d like to know more about my family and I, check out my about me page. And, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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