Mom Shaming – Can’t We All Just Get Along

Mom Shaming – Why Do We Do It?

Don’t Be That Mom

You ever notice another Mom checking you out when you’re in public? She’s sizing you up to see what you’re made of. I mean seriously? Are we in a prison society where sharks eat all the minnows? I get so frustrated when I’m out and about and another Mom tries to interject her idea of motherhood into my life. You haven’t walked a minute in my shoes, socks, clothes or anything else of mine! Have you been through what I’ve been through with my kids? You may have had it easier or harder than me. I don’t know and I don’t really care. And it shouldn’t even matter. We should look to lift each other up instead of tear each other down by Mom shaming.

Why Do We Do It

stop the mom shamingIn today’s society we all want to be the “expert” in one thing or another. Well guess what? There is no expert in raising kids. There may be really great Moms out there. And I’m sure there are really bad Moms out there. And I know that we all want to compare ourselves and win that “Best Mom Award”. But at the end of the day. As I see it, if you’re kids turn out to be good humans and treat others with kindness and contribute in one way or another to society. You made it, You’re a rockstar! And sometimes we all have to eat our humble pie as our kid is the one that does something embarrassing. But that’s okay. There’s no need for Mom shaming there.

We Were All Babies Once Too

Sometimes, to put it into perspective, I like to think of everyone as giant babies. This makes it easier to see why some people have tremendous faults. This also explains why sometimes we do dumb stuff. Everyone does dumb stuff, I’ve done it, you’ve done it and our husbands tease us about it. Let’s get over it and realize we’re all humans. There’s no need to compete with each other. I like to see all my friends do well and I don’t wish harm on any of the Moms I see in public either. It’s okay to not be perfect all the time. And when you see that Mom in public that’s unkempt and looks frustrated. Maybe we should do something to make her day better instead of judging.

Mom Shaming Challenge

mom shamingI’d like to ask each and everyone that reads this blog post to stop the next time they are Mom shaming. Stop and think about what you are doing. And try to think of something nice about that Mom that you’re judging. Maybe even think of a compliment and let her know. Be kind to her and instead of saying something negative. Try to turn the situation in a positive. Not only will it make you feel better, but it may just add a little light to a dark situation. Because you don’t like it when Moms judge you right? So compliment that Mom on her shoes or purse. Say hello, ask her how her day is. Try listening for a change. Maybe that Mom doesn’t have an outlet and she needs one.

Concluding Thoughts

A five minute conversation with someone or an unexpected compliment can mean the world to someone who is struggling with their day. Would you rather be remembered as the nice lady at the store or that evil eyed devil woman? There’s enough negativity in the world today. Try to be the positivity in this world that we need.




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