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mom talkWhat is the Mom Talk Video Series

Mom Talk is a video series, you may even call it a vlog of issues that are important to Moms. I wanted to create a space where I could share my story and thoughts in a more visual way. Rather than writing another blog post about this or that. I decided that the best way to communicate some of these issues was to have my audience see me in person. This way you get the messages in the most honest, raw format. I created my Mom Talk video series to inspire thought-provoking discussion into the common issues we face together as Moms.

The Goal of the Mom Talk Video Series

The goal with the Mom Talk video series is to create thought-provoking dialogue so that we can come together as a community of Moms and know that we have each other’s back. I want to let you know that even with the hardest of issues, that there is always someone that has walked the path before you. It may not necessarily be me, but I hope that my message inspires other Moms to share their stories. So that we can all come together and learn from each other.

Concluding Thoughts

You can view the Mom Talk video series on the Holly at Home TV YouTube Channel or you can also view the videos below. I have set up a special page on my website for these videos because I feel it is super important that we get the message out that you are never alone. There has always been Mom’s that have walked the path you are on before you. There will be Moms that walk that path after you. And we certainly want to connect and share the message to make it easier and less stressful for the next Mom that has to cope with some of the more complex issues we’ll talk about.



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