Oster Bread Machine – Unboxing #CKSTBRTW20

Oster Bread Machine – How I Came to Buy One

Oster Bread Machine model #ckstbrtw20

Set it and forget it!

Recently I found myself having the desire to make homemade bread. I started doing my research and found out that it is actually very cost-effective. You can make many of the simple sandwich bread recipes anywhere from $.48 cents a loaf to just under a dollar a loaf. I also decided that I better get a bread machine for those times that I just want to “set it and forget it”. ¬†And with my busy schedule, the bread machine will save me a lot of time. With research I found the Oster Bread Machine on Amazon! (product #CKSTBRTW20) It had good reviews and appeared to have all of the settings and options I wanted. See the full unboxing video below!

The Machine Arrives

The Oster Bread Machine arrived in just two days because we have Amazon Prime! I had actually used points from one of my credit cards to get two $25 dollar Amazon gift cards. The box it came in was very large, but we soon found out that there was a box within a box. And once we removed the inner box and all the packing filler from the outer box. We found that there was another box inside the box. So the nice and shiny box you see on my unboxing video is the third box you’ll actually get to. Crazy!

The Packaging

The Oster Bread Machine was well packaged and came with no visible dents or scratches on any of the boxes or the product. Upon opening the only item that gave me fits was the measuring spoons. The plastic did not want to come off of these. But I persisted nonetheless and unwrapped everything. The user guide was pretty thick and has some great recipes in it. All of the parts fit together and are pretty self explanatory without the need to go through the user guide.

Concluding Thoughts

Based upon just the unboxing of the Oster Bread Machine, product #CKSTBRTW20. I would say this is an excellent buy! To get your own Oster Bread Maker Click Here. It is not too expensive at around $60 dollars. And it comes with all of the settings you will need. It even says it will mix your dough for you. That way you may be able to bypass getting one of those expensive Kitchenaid Mixers. (I still want one though!) And you can also make jams and jellies in this machine! It really seems like it does it all! I will begin putting the Oster Bread Machine through its paces and will come back with a review, so look for that! Hopefully you have enjoyed my video. It was sure fun making it! Please Like, Share and Subscribe!


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