Stay at Home Date Night -10 Great Ideas

Stay at Home Date Night – Dating After Kids

stay at home date nightOften after having kids your life gets hectic and busy. Your weekly date night might turn into a monthly date night or even every couple of months. Or maybe you just don’t feel like getting all ready and going somewhere after a long week. No need to worry, you can still have a nice stay at home date night. I believe it is important and healthy for a relationship to make time to spend with each other. Dates don’t need to be expensive to be fun.

1 – Stay at Home Date Night Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Netflix and Chill

Going to the movies can get expensive even just for two people. If you’re at all like me I see a trailer for a movie I want to see and that’s about as far as it goes. It usually hits Netflix, RedBox or Amazon before I get a chance to watch it. Which is fine because I just saved some money by waiting. You don’t necessarily need to just Netflix and chill with a new release. You can watch one of yours or your spouse’s favorite movies.

Make your own little movie adventure. Pop some popcorn, buy your favorite candy, or even make some nachos. Grab your blankets for those cuddles during the movie. You can personalize this date idea really as much as you want. Have a movie theme night.

2 – A Date for Pizza

Smoked pizza is a favorite at our house. We use our Traeger grill/smoker year round. From time to time, when we can’t get away from the house or the kids. I will plan a special dinner for the two of us. One of our favorite dinners is actually making homemade pizza together and smoking them on our Traeger. This gives us a good chance to talk to each other while doing something we both love. Then we’ll just sit on our back porch and visit while the pizzas are smoking and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is so relaxing.

3 – Game On (My Favorite Stay at Home Date Night)

stay at home date night playing video gamesOne of my favorite dates while dating my husband before we got married was a game night in. I am a total game nerd when it comes to old school Nintendo games. We grabbed a bunch of junk food and soda and played hours and hours of Nintendo. Seriously, the best date EVER! Maybe you’re not a fan of Nintendo, or Playstation or XBOX. You can still have a game date playing cards or board games. Every couple months we will have a game night with another couple. That is always a great time.

4 – Candlelight Dinner Date

Order your favorite take out and eat it by candlelight. This is a nice little change of atmosphere from the regular hurry and sit down and eat routine. Turn on some soft music for a romantic dinner with your spouse. Who knows you might just feel like a little dancing is in order after you are done eating.

5 – Have a Picnic

I love this one because it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter you can still plan a picnic. If you are pressed for time, you can easily buy the fixings for your picnic. If not spend some extra time with each other making some yummy sandwiches, and potato salad, and maybe your favorite punch. Or buy a bottle of your favorite wine. If it’s warm enough you can take a blanket out in your backyard, kick off your shoes and have a relaxing picnic with music playing in the background. No biggie, if it’s the middle of the winter. Got a fireplace? Throw a couple blankets and pillows down on your living room floor and you are set to go. The fire adds a nice romantic feeling to the picnic.

6 – Read or Listen To a Book

Find a book you are both interested in and read it together, or better yet find an audiobook and listen to it. That way you can both kick back and relax.

7 – Give Each Other a Massage

Everyone can benefit from a good massage every now and then. Who better to get that from than your significant other. Don’t know how to give a massage? No worries, there’s a YouTube video for that. Get some good quality oils and even some candles and learn as you go, in no time you will be a professional. Ok, maybe not exactly but you get the idea.

8 – Paint Night

Get in touch with your creative side. You can usually buy a couple of canvases from a craft store for pretty cheap, along with some paints. If you really want to set the mood, look up an old Painting with Bob Ross episode and try to paint the same picture. This could be super entertaining. 🙂 And if your art work turns out half decent, you have new decor for your house. A one of a kind! Talk about a conversation starter.

9 – Do A Puzzle

stay at home date night doing a puzzleMy husband and I love working on puzzles together. Find a challenging one that might take you a couple weeks or a month to finish. We started a 2000 piece puzzle once and anytime we had free time we found ourselves working on it. For me it’s also a stress reliever. Win win, right there!

10 – Home Project

Ok, now this last idea could go one of two ways. Either you guys will have a good time working on a home project together, or you will want to strangle each other by the end of the night. Hopefully it’s the first of the two options. It can be kind of neat looking back at a job your guys completed yourselves. Like tiling a new kitchen backsplash or repainting your master bedroom. Personalizing your home can definitely be an adventure.

Concluding Thoughts

Just because you aren’t able to have a date out on the town, doesn’t mean you can’t go on a “DATE.” Hopefully by reading these 10 stay at home date night ideas, you will be able to come up with some other ideas that you and your spouse would like to try at home. Simply just enjoy sharing each other’s company.

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