The To Do List – Don’t Stress About Failure

The To Do List – Can Be Overwhelming

Too Much on The To Do List!

the to do list

As a stay at home mom I have at least 20 different things on the to do list competing with each other at all times. Some of them are important, where others might just be a random thought passing through. I am the type of person that feels like I need to have everything done on the to do list and perfect ALL the time. How can I possibly relax when there are dishes to be done? Yep, that’s me. Sometimes I let myself get caught up in the idea that, unless everything is checked off the to do list everyday, I have failed.

Don’t Get Stressed

But let’s be honest. How many days have gone exactly like you thought they would, from the time you woke up to the time you went to bed? For me? Probably slim to none. Why? Because it’s this thing called life, and it happens. I can plan to get up and accomplish A-F on my to do list, but guess what? Kids get sick, the car breaks down, I wake up with a migraine. Did I plan on any of these things when I wrote the┬áto do list. No, and that’s okay.

Put Your Kids First

It’s taken me some time to realize that it really is OKAY. The laundry will be there tomorrow. The dusting can wait another day. Am I truly a failure because I tended to the more important things that came up and the list didn’t get completed? Nope, it’s being flexible and getting my priorities straight. If I didn’t tend to my sick child, but the laundry got done and the house was sparkling clean, I would then be a failure in my eyes. My child’s needs come first before cleaning the house. Don’t get me wrong, multi-tasking is something I do best. So if I can make my child comfortable, see that their needs are met and then start with the to do list, that is what I will do.

Find Time for Yourself

the to do list reading a bookI’m still learning that it’s okay to take a step back, take a deep breath and just do what I can do. No more stressing about what I didn’t accomplish in the day. And to add to that thought, it’s also okay to take time for myself. I shouldn’t feel quilty because I took a half an hour and read my book, or laid on the couch with the dogs. It’s okay! To other stay at home moms, know that you are enough and what you do everyday matters! I once read a quote that stuck with me.

“Even on the days you feel like you are failing, look around, I promise your kids still think you are the best mom in the whole universe.” – Unknown.

Think about that, smile and have a fantastic day.

Holly-Stay at Home Mom

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