What Does A Stay At Home Mom Do All Day?

what does a stay at home mom do all dayWhat Does A Stay At Home Mom Do All Day? 

I always have to chuckle to myself when I read an article or see a video questioning what does a stay at home mom do all day? For some reason there are those out there that think, stay at home moms do nothing and are just lazy! HA! Currently, I am a stay at home mom and have been for several years. It is the best thing for our family right now because it provides stability to our children. That doesn’t mean that I have never had a job or I am lazy. I did the work thing before I had kids and even when my children were younger. In fact, I had a job in management.

Every Situation Is Different

Of course the circumstance for why a woman or even a dad might be a stay at home parent will be different for everyone. For my family, my husband makes enough money so that I am able to stay home and focus on our children. Having a daughter with special needs is a big part of me needing to be home. I feel very fortunate that I am able to do that. There may be some women that have never worked and have always done the stay at home mom thing, and that’s okay. Whatever works or is best for your situation. Although, it can get a little frustrating sometimes when others think or act like you’re not as valuable as a person because you don’t have a “job.” They may even scoff when someone refers to it being a job.

The Morning Routine Starts Early

To start off what does a stay at home mom do all day, we’ll take a look at my day in segments. My children are 13 and 11 years old. My daughter is in 7th grade and started Junior High this year. Which means she goes to a different school than her brother. My son is in 5th grade and still in elementary school for 2 more years. A typical day for me is to wake up at 6:30 am. I wake up my daughter and get her breakfast. Help her with her hair and make sure she has everything she needs for school. We head out the door around 7:15 am. Depending on how traffic is and how backed-up the parent drop off line is, I usually get back home between 7:30-7:40. Next, I wake the sleeping log from his slumber. My son is so not a morning person. Get some breakfast in his belly and out the door by 8:20 am.  Hopefully, I remember to take 10 minutes when I get home to feed myself, otherwise I’ll notice at lunch I forgot breakfast.

stay at home mom do all dayNow I Get to Relax Right?!?!

Ok, I have about 5 hours to sit around and do nothing until I need to be picking up my daughter. HAHA! Yeah, right. What’s that calling my name??? Oh, yes the dreaded daily laundry, cleaning up and all the other chores that have to get done. Really, why does my family think they need to wear clean clothes everyday of the week? 😉 Another task that I do while my children are at school is to make and return phone calls. The fewer distractions the better. Same goes for going grocery shopping. You can only be asked so many times for a treat before you want to pull your own hair out.

The Afternoon Routine Interrupts Everything!

Now that you’ve seen the first part of  what does a stay at home mom do all day. It’s time to get interrupted and head back to pick up the kids. Talk about A.D.D. even if you haven’t had it! I head over to the Junior High around 1:30-1:40. My daughter’s special needs class comes out 10 minutes before the rest of the school. Therefore, I go a little early to make sure I can get a good spot to park, so it is easier for my daughter. After picking her up we head over to my son’s elementary school and wait about 45 min until his school gets out. Between both schools I make 4 trips in total everyday.

Add In The Extra Curricular Activities

kids activitiesMy son is very involved in sports. At any given time he will have baseball, football or wrestling practice. And of course games or meets on the weekends! My daughter on the other hand is involved with Idaho Miss Amazing, a pageant for girls and women with disabilities. She is the 2017 Pre-Teen Queen for Idaho. She has her monthly appearances and volunteer opportunities. They are mostly on the weekends, but once in awhile there might be a certain night with a special appearance during the week. These are other reasons I am home. To make sure my children get to their extra-curricular activities. We feel it is very important for them to be involved in things outside of school. It helps build their little characters and it also keeps them out of trouble.

Regular Day to Day Stuff

Sure there are some days that are a little more hectic than others. When you add it doctor appointments, friends birthday parties, or that school bake sale you forgot you volunteered for 2 months ago. But for the most part stay at home moms do the tasks of keeping the house and family from falling apart. Like I said earlier, the dreaded laundry. Those bathrooms sure as heck don’t clean themselves. There is always the fact that your family enjoys eating food, at this thing called dinner or supper. Whatever you want to call it, they expect there to be food.  Sweeping and mopping those floors, after the dogs have dragged in the whole backyard. You know your little munchkins don’t always pick up after themselves.  How else would we know where they left their shoes or headphones? Nope, there isn’t a magical fairy that comes around the house while they are gone to school that loves to put all their STUFF back where it belongs. Weird, I know. Now, don’t get me wrong, my children do their fair share of chores during the week and on the weekends, but we all know that only goes so far.

what does a stay at home mom doMy Husband or What I Refer to as My 3rd Child

It’s not just the kids or the dogs. There is a whole other human to take care of. And an important one at that. He’s the one that sacrifices his time to earn money outside of the home. He’s the stability, the rock and provides the bread and butter. Without him, this whole thing isn’t even possible. Therefore, I must take the time to see to his needs and make sure his life is easier at home. This is why I prepare meals and snacks and put them in the fridge. I get his stuff ready for work, i.e., clothes, gear, recharge his electronics he uses at work. I generally make sure he is ready to go so that he can rest and interact with the kids and me when he’s at home and awake.

Concluding Thoughts

So what does a stay at home mom do all day? Being a stay at home mom can be very rewarding and I don’t care who tells you it isn’t a job, it sure is. If you are a stay at home parent! Good for you. If not, kudos to you for being able to be a work ninja as well as a ninja of the house! Both of these roles are just as important as the other. Why? Because you are doing what works for your family. It takes a lot to keep a family and house running smoothly. Try and tell me, it’s not a job! Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen!


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